Root Canal Therapy & Emergency Root Canals

For most people, hearing the word “root canal” conjures a negative image in their mind. When one of the canals in a tooth becomes infected, it can begin to impact the nerves, tissue and roots associated with a tooth.

The root canals provided at Parrish Childs Dental are centered on alleviating pain, removing damaged tissue and saving your tooth. We work to stop the infection, ensure it doesn’t spread and restore the healthy part of the tooth. Gone are the days where extractions are the only way to deal with an infected canal.

Root Canal Procedure

Today’s modern technology helps reduce the impact of the procedure, decrease pain and speed the recovery process. When things go according to plan, a restored tooth can regain function and last as long as the original tooth.

Our procedures typically require a few visits: one to address the damaged tissue, one to prevent infection, and one (if needed) to seal the canals with a crown.

If you’re experiencing pain, and realize it’s more than a toothache, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately to schedule an appointment so that we can provide relief.

We cater to cowards, by practicing gentle dentistry

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