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With as much as we’re all “on the go” these days, life’s moments can happen. Whether biting down on a piece of candy and breaking a tooth, or losing part of a tooth to a physical injury, you never want your smile to be without. When a piece, no matter the size, of a tooth is missing, it can throw off your whole bite as well as have an adverse impact on your ability to eat.

That’s where bridges come in to play. As a tool that “looks” natural in your mouth, bridges allow us to repair and restore the contour of your teeth. When we install a bridge, we will attach it to other teeth; they can be permanent or semi-permanent. The main difference is that you can remove a semi-permanent bridge to clean it, whereas only a dentist can remove a permanent device. Typically, strong metals (like gold or porcelain) make up the construction of a bridge.


Crowns, also called “caps,” are devices placed on top of a tooth and are typically utilized in situations where tooth functionality needs to be restored. After a root canal, or in an instance where there is excessive tooth damage, we will create a crown to restore comfort to your tooth. Furthermore, crowns can be used when a filling is degrading, when we are trying to prevent a bad situation with a tooth from getting worse, or simply when we need to cover a tooth for aesthetic purposes.


Crowns are custom made to fit your tooth; this is done by taking an impression to generate the crown. Temporary crowns can be used when circumstances dictate, but a permanent crown is the final piece of the puzzle and is cemented in place. Don’t confuse a crown with a veneer (which is something we use to treat a small area of a tooth) as they are two different animals.

Caring For Your Crowns

We believe in providing you with quality work that will last as long as possible. We view our dental services as an investment, and when care for properly, will provide you with a solution to your problem. It is not uncommon for our crowns to last 7-10 years, assuming you floss regularly and ensure regular, annual preventative care is provided by our team of dental professionals.

We must pay close attention to those who grind their teeth, allow certain foods to enter their diet and those with jaw issues as they can all lead to the degradation of a crown.

Broken / Loose / Missing Crown

The mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. We know it, inside and out, and when something is out of place, it’s easily recognized. Should you feel a crown has become dislodged, is lost or cracked, don’t panic. Unless it is jagged and is causing problems, you’re typically not in an emergency situation. If there is still a portion of your tooth under the crown, you could feel sensitivity to heat, cold and air. In any instance, you should schedule an appointment with our office as soon as possible to have it fixed. While crowns are very strong, they can be damaged in some cases, such as if you bit down on something extremely hard, like ice or popcorn kernels.

If you are having problems with your teeth, and would like an opinion from a professional dentist regarding the need for crowns or bridges, contact our office to schedule a visit today. We can be reached at (770) 536-0581.

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