Why Use a Local Dentist for Implants?

If you lost a tooth to injury or bad health, you may consider dental implants as a solution – and with good reason. Dental implants offer lasting and meaningful relief from physical problems, such as chewing and talking, as well as liberation from cosmetic concerns. In other words, dental implants offer an incredibly positive option for both the function of your mouth and the look of a fabulous smile.

However, pursuing dental implants is not a simple fix, and it requires a skilled and experienced oral healthcare provider to ensure your best outcome. With that in mind, you may feel the need to look far and wide for the dentist best qualified to help you with dental implants.

At Parrish-Childs Dental, however, we assure you that you can receive the absolute best care and treatment in dental implants in the type of caring and accommodating setting that only a local dentist can provide – all while offering the technology and understanding of any big city practice.

So, if you are wondering why use a local dentist for implant services, let’s look at 10 reasons to give our services right here in north Georgia a try.

1. Save time

No matter your job or family situation, what is it you always seem to be short on? Almost inevitably, it’s time. The good news is that, by choosing a local dentist to provide implant services, you can give yourself more time in the day. You’ll save time by not having to travel greater distances, and you’ll save yourself the stress associated with squeezing more time into your schedule because of that travel – as well as the stress of being in the car and dealing with traffic hassles.

2. Be part of our family

Because we are local, the Parrish-Childs Dental team treats you like one of us, a member of the family. North Georgia may not look like a small town as much as it once did, but we maintain that cozy atmosphere in our offices, personalizing our care approach to each individual patient. And that’s also evident in that we know many patients hate even the thought of a dentist’s chair. That is why we practice gentle dentistry and cater to even the most timid patient. We also get to know you and your family, and that way we can help you make the best decisions for not only your health but also your lifestyle and budgetary needs. Because we know where you’re coming from, we’ll better be able to help you get where you need – whether that means dental implants, a cavity filling, or a simple oral exam.

3. Let us show you why our patients trust us

There’s a reason why Parrish-Childs has over 40 years of experience combined in north Georgia: Patients love how we treat them and how we do business. We are the epitome of a local dentist: friendly, personal, and flexible – with all the knowledge, technology, and experience of any big city practice. Our skill and expertise have provided patients with healthy and happy mouths for years, and we’re happy to add to our growing family.

4. Talk to us – any time

To ensure the best healthcare, you should be able to talk freely with your provider – giving them even the most minute detail. And that is certainly true in dentistry. That is why we encourage clear communication. We will tell you everything you need to know. But we also encourage you to ask questions and be an active participant in your care. And because we emphasize a local feel, we are available to talk whenever you need us. Talk to us when you’re here or call us when you have a question. And when it comes to implants, you may have many questions. That’s fine, and we completely understand. We encourage you to build a relationship with us and learn as much as possible; it only helps you to enjoy the best dental care possible.

5. We’re here WHENEVER you need us – including emergencies

We do our best to work around our patients’ schedules whenever we arrange visits, but we also know there are times when you need dental assistance immediately – and it may not be during regular office hours. For these emergencies, we offer the comfort of knowing that, because we’re local, we are nearby and ready to help as soon as you need us. When it comes to dental implants, that can be important – because implants are sometimes needed as a solution to injury or accident. Just know that whatever the reason or timeframe, we are ready to help and will be here when you need us.

6. We work with other local dental professionals

Like all aspects of healthcare, dentistry too has become an intensely specialized field, which means your complete oral health may require a trip to a different type of dentistry professional – such as an oral surgeon, periodontist, or prosthodontist. Because the professionals at Parrish-Childs understand this, we make it a point to know the best specialists here in north Georgia so that we can send our patients their way should the need arise. We can handle a wide range of situations right here, but in those instances when you need something else (and that is sometimes the case when it comes to dental implants), we can ensure that you have the best care that is still local and follows the same practice methods we employ. This ensures a well-coordinated and comprehensive approach to dental care that is local and convenient for you.

7. We’ll help you make implants work for your budget

Because we understand how expensive dental implants can be, we will work with you to determine the best and simplest payment options for your budget. We will work with your insurance company and help you determine any and all financing options available to you to help you attain peak oral health. No one should go without dental care because of budgetary restrictions, and we will help you ensure there is no restrictions on your oral health.

8. Ease of schedule

The process of ensuring a successful dental implant requires that the patient return for multiple follow-ups and post-operative care. Considering this should make you understand just how much time may be required of you. And if you go with a dental office located out of town, you’ll have to spend that much more time traveling to and from that location. If you go with someone located right here in north Georgia, you’ll significantly cut down on your travel time – and thus make your life that much easier.

9. We’re here with you for the long haul

When you schedule a visit with Parrish-Childs Dental, it’s not just a one-off; we consider it the beginning of a lifelong relationship. That doesn’t mean we’re going to expect you over for Thanksgiving – but what it does mean is that we will prepare a plan to provide you with the best oral health for your entire life. And when it comes to dental implants, that is a must. Because of their nature, dental implants may require periodic adjustments to ensure premium health and comfort. And maintaining a relationship with your dental health team – one that knows all about your lifestyle and requirements – only makes things easier for you. It is this continuity of care that helps you achieve the best oral healthcare possible.

10. Help improve your – and our – community

You’ve heard the phrase, “Buy local.” Well, the same goes for your healthcare. And when you support a local dental provider, you help put more money back into the community in which you live and work. At Parrish-Childs Dental, our staff and doctors are as “local” as they come. We all live and work right here in north Georgia, so you can take pride in knowing that your business only helps create and grow a local brand and helps us help even more north Georgians in need of dental care.

Are you in need of dental implants?

If you need – or think you may need – dental implants, know that Parrish-Childs Dentistry is here for you. Our full-service, friendly, and family-based approach to practice has served the health of patients throughout north Georgia for years. In fact, Dr. Parrish, DDS, and Dr. Childs, DMD, have over 40 years experienced combined.

Our highly qualified and friendly staff understands every aspect of implant dentistry and will help you receive the care that serves you best.

Do not wait to talk to a dentist about implants. Call Parrish-Childs Dentistry today at 770-536-0581, and let us help ensure your optimum oral health.