Night Guards

Bruxism is the unconscious and involuntary grinding and clenching of teeth.  Bruxism can cause discomfort including headaches, earaches, toothaches and sore facial muscles and jaw joints.  The pressure from the clenching and grinding can fracture teeth and wear down enamel, making teeth especially sensitive.  Many factors like an abnormal bite, stressed induced lifestyle and crooked or missing teeth can contribute to the cause of bruxism.

Effective Treatment Options

Nightguards are an effective treatment for protecting your teeth from the effects of teeth grinding and clenching.  Your dentist can custom make a nightguard to slip over either your upper or lower set of teeth to prevent contact with your other opposing set of teeth.  In order to make a perfect-fit nightguard for your teeth, our dentists will make an impression of your teeth and create a comfortable nightguard to wear as you sleep.  Nightguards relieve pressure that can cause pain to your jaw and keep the surfaces of your teeth from damaging one another. 

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