We Provide Teeth Whitening to Brighten Your Smile

Do you know the only ting worse than spilling chocolate on white clothes?


Having stained, dingy, off-color teeth in your smile. Whoever coined the term “pearly whites” know what they were talking about. Teeth should be white, period. But life doesn’t always deal us a perfect situation that allows white to dominate our smile.


That’s why Parrish Child’s Dental offers professional teeth whitening amongst our wide range of services – each designed to provide ideal dental health, as well as help you obtain the best smile possible in a setting that you will enjoy with each visit.



Over time, teeth naturally develop stains. The use of tobacco, coffee, wine, tea, and other foods and drinks contribute to unwanted discoloration. The job of professional teeth whitening is to reverse that process and maintain a gleaming smile. 

The outer layer of the tooth is called enamel, and beneath the enamel is dentin. Enamel is thin and typically lighter in color, while dentin is darker in color and makes up the bulk of the tooth. Enamel stains over time simply from age, but also from outside sources. However, the enamel also thins over time, causing more dentin to show through. This makes the overall appearance of the tooth look darker. 

That is why Parrish-Childs utilizes a professional teeth whitening product called Ultradent Opalescence. This is the world-leader in whitening efforts and has been trusted by dental professionals for nearly 25 years. This is not to be confused with veneers, which also allow you to whiten your smile – albeit through a more permanent and involved process.

Consisting of gel-based treatments, Opalescence has successfully whitened the smiles of millions of patients in need of removing tooth/teeth stains. It works, and it is our preferred tool when working to improve your smile. Why?

  • Convenience – While professionals must teach you how, the application of Opalescence gel does not always require an office visit. And, while you may prefer office visit applications, we can teach you how to apply Opalescence at home
  • Simplicity – Utilizing a gel in custom-made trays that fit your mouth makes it easy to apply Opalescence no matter your situation. And the gel is sticky and viscous, so it stays where it’s placed.
  • Personalized to you – Just because it is easy, does not mean that we do not customize each treatment to each patient. We ensure that your mouth shape and needs are taken into account so that each treatment works to its optimum.
  • Safety – Opalescence utilizes a chemically activated whitening gel that contains potassium nitrate and fluoride that does not cause any damage to the tooth when correctly applied. The whitening gel is also gluten-free and vegan.
  • Speed – The entire process takes a daily, 15-minute procedure, and you’ll notice a whiter smile within 7 to 10 days.


Just about everyone is perfectly fine to use this teeth whitening product. However, it should be noted that, if you have crowns, bridges, fillings, or veneers, they won’t whiten like your natural teeth will under the care of Opalescence. So, if your crown, bridge, filling, or veneer is in a visible part of your smile, utilizing any teeth whitening product could make for an oddly colored smile.


Regardless of why your teeth are stained, we’re here to develop a customized, comprehensive plan of attack to fill your mouth with white teeth. Many companies offer over-the-counter solutions to build a more beautiful smile, but they are a one-size-fits-all approach and don’t attack the problem at the core. Not everyone can benefit from the same type of treatment. They might help provide a shade or two of brightness, but at the end of the day, typically fall short of your expectations.

If you would like a whiter, brighter smile, please contact us. If you have never worked with us before, learn more about us.

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